December 27, 2006 at 11:43 am (Echos of the Damned)

I came across this blog ( the other day while surfing. I must say, there are a few numbers in there that I was astounded by.

For instance, the fact that 47% of people would toss a fruitcake without a second thought. Maybe it’s just me, in my fat ways, but I rather enjoyed a good fruitcake back in the day. To me, this high number indicates a few things. First, the fruitcakes mentioned must be given as gifts. I mean if people are so willing to toss them, then they probably weren’t the ones who shelled out the cash on them. So that begs the question. Are these holiday treats tossed out of spite? (“It looks like old, batty Aunt Margaret gave us another one of her “FRUITcakes” this year. Oh boy!” *toss*) Second, it could show the ignorance (used properly as a “lack of education” of some folk, especially in the people who are from my generation – or younger. After all, I know a lot of people, even a few that I would consider friends, who probably wouldn’t try a bite of a fruitcake because of the jokes and mockery made of them. Most, dare I say close to 47%, probably take that mockery at face value. Like I said, I really enjoyed some of the fruitcakes I have eaten in the past. These days I wouldn’t set out to eat one, as I’m attempting to shed some pounds, but I sure wouldn’t trash one either. I’d push it off on friends and family when they came to visit… it’s not like a fruitcake’s going to rot anytime soon. And, like the saying goes, “if I can’t be skinny, then everyone around me might as well be fat.” I hope that didn’t come off as a tangent, but wow 47% of people would toss a fruitcake without delay.

Yes, there are some other interesting numbers in there, but I’ll leave them to be discovered… I’ve got some fruitcakes to go save!



  1. Annieann77 said,

    Glad to see you are back! As for the fruitcake issue, I believe I would be in the 47% category! I’m not a fruitcake fan… 😦

  2. waywordsoul said,

    Thanks for the welcome back! Now, if only I could figure out a way to stick around! My fatal flaw is that I only make updates while I am at work (slacker). Also, I haven’t really tried any new NS meals recently so I haven’t had much to post about (hence the article above 🙂 )

    It’s okay to pitch a fruitcake though! I thought about it a little more – yes, my nights are spent lying awake in bed thinking of fruitcakes… so much for the visions of sugar plums – and I think I understand why people would just toss a fruitcake.

    You see, I’m a bit of a packrat. It’s not that I want to “keep” items, but I just don’t like seeing things that might be useful thrown away. So, I will hold onto the items until I can pass them off onto some unsuspecting sucker… err, I mean until I can pass them off to someone I think will use the item. So, while I’m on NS, and wouldn’t eat a fruitcake, I’d still look for someone to pawn it off on rather than chuck it immediatly.

    Trust me though, that would probably be 5% or less. If you’re with the 47%, you’re probably a bit more normal! =0p

  3. Annieann77 said,

    LOL – I also only post while I’m at work! he he Bunch of slackers we are! NS has a bunch of “new” items now! I’ve tried a few of them and I must say they aren’t too bad!

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